We consider it’s important that the user knows both what cookies we use on our website and why we use them. Our aim is to provide the user with the right information and the best experience of navigating our website.

What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text files that are stored in the user’s browser when he or she visits a website. The information that is stored on the user’s computer may contain information such as which pages the user visited, the date and time of the visit and a random and unique user identification number. Under no circumstances do cookies contain personal information or information that would allow anyone to contact the website visitor by phone, e-mail, etc. Furthermore, by using cookies, no access to documents or files on your computer is possible. With this use, the site is able to store useful information about the user’s browsing of the site, as well as read this information in order to provide the user with a unified browsing experience. In addition, cookies help us to see the performance and traffic of our website, improving the presentation and content according to the preferences of visitors. Cookies in no way cause damage to users’ computers or to the files stored on them. The information stored in cookies is used for identification & optimization purposes.

Which cookies we use on our website

Each time you visit the Company’s website, you will be asked to accept or reject cookies. This is so that the website can remember your preferences (such as username, etc.) for a certain period of time. This way, you do not have to re-enter them when you browse the site during the same visit. We use cookies on our Sites to manage login sessions, to provide personalized web pages and to tailor advertising and other content to reflect your specific needs and interests. Cookies may also be used to compile and collect anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how the public uses our Site and help us to improve its structure and content relating to users’ browsing experience. We cannot verify your personal identity from this information. You can modify your browser settings to reject some or all cookies, except those that are strictly necessary. You should be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to reject cookies, these features may not be available. In general, there are the following categories of cookies used on our Site.

Necessary cookies

Necessary, otherwise, absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our Sites, allow you to browse and use their functions, such as access to secure areas or use of the shopping cart. These cookies do not recognize your individual identity. Without these cookies, we cannot provide effective operation of our Sites.

Functionality (preference) cookies

These cookies allow the Site to remember user preferences such as username or region in order to provide enhanced and personalized functionality. They may also be used to provide services requested by the user, such as viewing videos or using social media. The information collected by these cookies can be made anonymous and it is not possible to track browsing activity on other websites. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance and functionality of the Site may be affected and your access to its content may be limited.

Performance cookies (Statistics)

These cookies collect information about how visitors use our Site for example, which pages they visit most often and whether they receive error messages from the website. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used solely to improve the performance of a website.

Statistical analysis cookies

These cookies are used to better understand how visitors interact with the website. These cookies help to provide information on metrics, number of visitors, abandonment rate, traffic source.

Marketing cookies

These cookies are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They may be used to send targeted advertising/offers, limit advertising views or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. We may use these cookies to remember the websites you have visited to determine which online marketing channels are most effective and allow us to reward external websites and partners who referred you to us.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to improve the operation of “www.housemate.online”, your proper browsing, your easy login and your smooth movement to individual pages. At the same time, cookies allow us to present you with promotional & educational content relevant to your interests and needs. Cookies also help us to analyze how visitors use our website, how they navigate and where they struggle. In this way we can continually optimize the operation of the e-shop and address any problems that may arise. All information collected from these cookies is only used to improve both the structure and content of our websites and the shopping experience.

How to control cookies

It is at your discretion to withdraw, at any time, your consent or object to the use of cookies on your computer or mobile device, to control and/or delete cookies.

What are your rights?
You have the rights:

  • Access to your data Correction or deletion of your data
  • Amendment or rectification of your data, or the removal or deletion of your data
  • Restriction of the processing of your data
  • Object to the processing of your data
  • Withdrawing your consent to the use of some or all of the cookies and, by extension, to the processing of your data.

If you wish to contact us on any matter relating to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, you can contact us at:

Where can you find more information on the protection of personal data?

For more information about the protection of your personal data and your rights, we suggest you go to our Privacy Policy.

Where can you find more information about the general use of cookies?

You can find more information about the general use of cookies, and methods of blocking or restricting them, at www.cookiepedia.co.uk/all-about-cookies and

Changes to the cookie policy

This Cookies Policy may be amended at any time. For this reason, we consider it advisable to refer to this Policy regularly. This became effective on 5/7/2023. If it is amended, the date on which this took place will be indicated. The Cookies Policy, as formulated by the most recent amendment, shall always be deemed to be valid.